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Cancellation Policies

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Weather Cancellation Policy for Religious Education

Cancellations may be seen on Channel 4 (WBZ), Channel 5 (WCVB) and Channel 7 (WHDH).​

Cancellation of Classes: The religious education program follows the Marlborough Public School system's decision in cancelling due to stormy weather.  If school is closed, there are no religious education classes for that day only.

  • For Grades 1-8 (Monday and Tuesday):

    • A decision will be made by 1:00 p.m. on the Monday or Tuesday impacted as to whether or not the religious education classes will be held that day.

  • For Sunday classes, decisions will be made as follows:

    • Grade 10: A decision will be made by 9:00 a.m. (if not earlier) on the Sunday impacted as to whether religious education classes will be held that evening.

Please note: a cancellation is effective only for the day it is announced.  If an additional cancellation is required for the following day of classes because of further inclement weather, a separate announcement will be made on that day.  ie: If classes are cancelled on Monday they will resume on Tuesday unless it is otherwise announced.